Review of Phallosan Forte 2017

phallosan-forte-reviewLooking at the usual penis extenders and stretchers offered online, you’ll quickly find out that most of them are pretty much cheap crap, their usage results in rather unpleasant and painful experiences. Phallosan Forte is much different from all these china imports and wannabe extenders, it’s a patented medical device manufactured in Germany, tested in a clinical study with 24 patients from age 20 to 68 is available for everyone to download on the Phallosan Forte review Website.

What are the advantages of Phallosan Forte?

First of all, it’s comfort. For significant results, you have to wear a penis extender for hundreds of hours in total. The results clearly scale with the time it’s worn, much more than the pulling intensity. Phallosan Forte is the only stretcher that works with a protective sleeve/condom and vacuum technology, all other use a sling that even requires traction powder to make it stay in place. If you ever wore a torture instrument like the popular Sizegenetics extender, you know what I’m talking about. The Phallosan Forte fits in all pants and can even be worn a night, a big advantage if you don’t feel comfortable wearing an extender in public, even if it’s hidden in your pants. That’s the feedback we get from many men, wearing a stretcher while sitting in a meeting with a dozen colleagues isn’t a pleasant imagination.

The second most important advantage is security, you want to enhance your penis, but you want to reduce side effects and possible damages to the minimum. Especially since these damages can be permanent, very painful and may even require surgical treatment to correct them. Phallosan has a built in traction control that always shows you how much force is used and due to the vacuum you don’t risk a venous embolism aka penile vein thrombosis as a result of insufficient blood circulation and blood coagulation, the main risk that comes with all other extenders using the sling technology.

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